DH 25 S Industrial Dehumidifier

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DH 25 S Industrial Dehumidifier

The DH 25 S dehumidifies up to 40 liters per day and is a very economical solution to ensure dry ambient air for sensitive stored goods, or to avoid harmful moisture-related consequences of products or equipment in industrial processes.
Thanks to its compact construction and stable steering wheels with rolling stop grid, this powerful industrial condenser can be used very flexible for a variety of dry attitude tasks in warehouses or production environments.

Even in colder environments, mold and corrosion have no chance because the DH 25 S is equipped with a reliable hot gas defrosting which ensures efficient drying holding even at low temperatures.

The DH 25 S provides impressive proof that you do not have to compromise on quality even at a budget-friendly standard solution with excellent price-performance ratio, because as all DH-S models this condenser is equipped with a modular finished electrical and water-bearing lines equipped according to European standards.

The aluminium tube evaporator provides an effective dehumidification capacity also when the air humidity in the room is low.

Technical details:

  • Max. dehumidification performance (30°C/ 80 RH): 40 l/24 hrs
  • Suitable for keeping dry rooms of up to 600 m³
  • Air volume: 450 m³/h
  • Operating range temperature: 1°C up to 38°C
  • Operating range humidity: 35% r.H. to 98% r.H.
  • Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption max.: 0.81 kW
  • Nominal power: 0.77kW
  • Nominal current: 3.1 A
  • Max. Current: 13.9 A
  • Nominal current: R-410a
  • Refrigerant volume: 0.58 kg
  • Sound level (distance 3 m): 51 dB (A)
  • Transport wheels
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 580 x 343 x 457 mm
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Technical data
    General information
      Article number
    Dehumidification performance
      At 20 °C / 60 % RH [l/24h] 16
      At 30 °C / 80 % RH [l/24h] 40
    Amount of air
      Stage Max. [m³/h] 450
    Operating range
      Min. temperature [°C] 1
      Max. temperature [°C] 38
      Min. humidity [% RH] 35
      Max. humidity [% RH] 98
    Electrical values
      Mains connection 230 V/50 Hz
      Nominal current consumption [A] 3.1
      Power input [kW] 0.81
      Required current starting phase [A] 14
      Recommended fusing [A] 16
    Electric connection
      Connection plug CEE 7/7
      Cable length [m] 7
      Type of cooling agent R-410a
      Amount of cooling agent [g] 580
      GWP factor 2,088
      CO2 equivalent [t] 1.211
    Sound values
      Distance 3 m [dB(A)] 51
      Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 580
      Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 343
      Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 457
      (packaging excluded) [kg] 34
    Equipment, features and functions
      Rubber-tyred metal wheels
      Carry/transport handle(s)
      Plastic wheels
      Non-marking full-rubber wheels
      Swivel casters with parking brakes
      Adjustable bar handle
    Automatic dehumidification
      Non-stop dehumidification
      Electronic hygrostat
      Analogue hygrostat
    Automatic defrosting
      Hot gas
    Condensate drain
      Hose connection possible
      Hose included in the scope of delivery
      Condensate pump
      Recommended hose size [mm]
    Condensate pump
      Pump height [m]
      Max. conveying capacity [l/h]
      Integrated condensate pump
      Residual water draining function

     standard equipment

     optionally available

     not available



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