TTR 8200 Desiccant Dehumidifier

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TTR 8200 Desiccant Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier works according to the adsorption principle. This not only allows a reliable and high dehumidification performance even at low suction temperatures, but it also enables to achieve lower dew points than condensation dehumidifiers.
Due to inegrated heat recovery, and the electric energy management rank the TTR 8200 and the rest of the TTR-adsorption dehumidifiers among the most efficient of their kind!

Because of the robust housing and the technology, following highest industrial standards even under rough conditions the TTR 8200 is a reliable dehumidifier.

Benefits in practice:

  • Professional quality „made in Germany"
  • High dehumidification performance even at low temperatures
  • Reliable silicagel sorption rotors in a washable and mechanically high-tensile design
  • Integrated heat recycling process
  • Electrical regeneration heaters

Standard equipment characteristics of TTR 8200 at a glance:

  • Steel housing, galvanized and painted
  • Produced with condiseration of weather protection
  • Wide range power supply
  • Contol of rotor turning (rotor and motor)
  • Overheat safety system with restart lock-out (regenaration air)
  • Management of operating temperature
  • Filter control (air flow and collect warning lights )
  • Duoventic-control*
  • Configurable change of direction of the air stream (conversion with little effort)
  • Connecting terminals external on/off
  • Hygrostat with connecting terminals
  • Floating contacts (operation, disruption, filter)

Technical data of TTR 8200:

  • Dehumidification performance: 46,2 kg/h
  • Dry air flow rate: 9.000 m³/h by 400 Pa
  • Electrical connection: 3x 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Heater of regenerated air: 57 kW
  • Power consumption max.: 64,5 kW
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 1.750 x 1.100 x 1.700 mm
  • Weight: 750 kg
  • Connections dry air inlet/outlet Ø: 500 / 500 mm
  • Connections regenerated air inlet/outlet Ø: 300 / 300 mm

Possible additional options:

  • Control module Millenium
  • Flowmatic S
  • Flowmatic M
  • Humidity and temperature control
  • Dew point sensor -80 °C ... +20 °C
  • Touchscreen for control of the device
  • Remote connection GSM
  • Remote connection WLAN
  • Heat exchanger module
  • Electric reheater for dry air
  • External Hygrostat HG 120
  • External Hygrostat HG 125
  • Transportframe (stackable), with wheels

*Per Duoventic is the performance of each fan independently adjustable by means of potentiometer, also the dampers are not needed
Technical data
General information
 Article number1.110.000.190
Dry air (in case of intake air 20°C / 60 % RH)
 Dehumidification [kg/24h]1,108.8
 Dehumidification [kg/h]46.2
 Air volume free-blowing [m³/h]9,000
 Nominal air volume [m³/h]8,200
 External compression [Pa]400
 Connection inlet Ø [mm]500
 Connection outlet Ø [mm]500
Regeneration air
 Nominal air volume [m³/h]1,660
 External compression [Pa]300
 Connection inlet Ø [mm]300
 Connection outlet Ø [mm]300
Operating principle
 Operating principleTTR Trisorp Dual
Operating range
 Min. temperature [°C]-20
 Max. temperature [°C]40
 Min. humidity [% RH]0
 Max. humidity [% RH (non-condensing)]100
Electrical values
 Mains connection380 - 480 V/50 - 60 Hz
 Nominal current consumption [A]93.5
 Installed capacity [kW]64.5
 Heating capacity [kW]57
 Recommended fusing [A]125
Electric connection
 Terminal connection
Automatic dehumidification
 Non-stop dehumidification
 Length (packaging excluded) [mm]1,919
 Width (packaging excluded) [mm]1,110
 Height (packaging excluded) [mm]1,680
 (packaging excluded) [kg]750
Equipment, features and functions
Housing type
 Steel housing, galvanized and painted
 Metal plastic composite housing
 Powder coating
 Stainless steel
Device version
 Indoor installation (standard)
 Shelter against the weather
 Hiring model
 Wide-range voltage
 Rotor rotation control (rotor and drive)
 Overtemperature protection system with restart lock (regeneration air)
 Operating temperature management (regeneration air)
 Filter monitoring (per air current and collective warning light)
 Duoventic control
 Configurable air direction reversal (conversion requires minimal effort)
 Terminals for external ON/OFF
 Terminals hygrostat
 Potential-free contacts (operation, fault, filter)
 Operating hours counter
 Air volume regulation
 Integrated heat recovery
 Sensor-supported Flowmatic control
 Hygrostat (electronic)
 Hygrostat (mechanical)
 Moisture control
 Moisture and temperature registration
 Power meter
 DIN socket for external ON/OFF
Regeneration heating design
 Electric resistance
 Electric PTC
 Saturated vapour (4 bar)
Air pre- and post-treatment
 Carry/transport handle(s)
 Non-marking rubber wheels
 Stacking device
 Non-marking rubber feet
 Transport frame
 Swivel casters with brake
 Trestle rollers
 Crane lifting gear
 Forklift pockets

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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