PV-A Hose; 51 mm, thread-strengthened, in black, packaging unit: 3 x 15 m (=45m)

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PV-A Hose 51 mm

Very versatile in use and with good UV and ozone-resistant characteristics this spiral hose qualifies itself for the transport of gaseous and liquid substances when drying out new buildings, cleaning water damages and much more."

Technical data:

  • 2-ply spiral hose with steel coil
  • Additional thread reinforcement
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Good compression characteristics
  • Vacuum resistant

Fields of application: Highly versatile hose with good UV and ozone resistance characteristics, especially well-suited for the transport of gaseous media or solid matter and fibres in construction and screed drying, for industry vacuum cleaners or suction extraction installations.



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