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It may be the smallest SecoSan Stick of all but that doesn’t stop it from making a huge impact in tanks up to 0.7 l

We all worry about what more we can do to protect our families and our health. Yet what we tend to neglect and fail to protect is our most precious resource of all - water.

Your drinking water may look clear and transparent, but looks can deceive, and in truth it can be far from clean…
The reason for this is that germs like bacteria, viruses are often so minute that they are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen under a microscope. Every time we take a sip from the bottle of water on our desk or next to our bed our lips come into contact with the rim of the opening. This allows the germs which exist both in our mouths and the surrounding air to enter the water that we are drinking and to multiply at a truly alarming speed. The same goes for the water in the tank of your dental water jet or coffeemaker. The germs that have accumulated there overnight have had all the time they need to multiply and spread – and if nothing is done to prevent them from doing so they can not only seriously affect the taste of your morning coffee but also your health!

Protect your drinking water against the formation of new germs – the SecoSan way:

SecoSan prevents the formation of new germs. The way the unique SecoSan technology works is – from a technical point of view - quite simple: SecoSan relies on silver ions. The silver ions at the antimicrobially active surface of the mesh material tucked away inside the Stick are only released when they come into contact with new germs, thus preventing them from multiplying and spreading. And because SecoSan is self-dosing and the silver ions are released as and when they are needed, the silver concentration in the water is always well below the threshold recognised by leading and renowned experts in the field to be harmless to both animals and humans and safe for drinking water. And that’s not only a promise, it’s also a fact.

SecoSan Stick 1: unfolds its full potential and power in up to 0.7 l of water.

SecoSan Stick 1 contains enough of the special SecoSan mesh material for up to 0.7 l of water and is effective for up to a full 6 months – even when the water in the tank or container you are using is refilled, replaced or renewed regularly!

SecoSan Stick 1 is ideal for use in:

  • Coffeemakers
  • Water bottles
  • Ice cube makers
  • Dental water jets
  • Drinking troughs

And a whole host of other handy household appliances with tanks designed to hold up to 0.7 l of water.

SecoSan Stick 1 – A totally convincing performance:

  • Works for up to a full 6 months – even when used every day or the water is replaced daily
  • Active system based on the bacteria retardant properties of silver
  • 100% food safe
  • Objective tests show that SecoSan has absolutely no affect on taste (lab tested)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Tested by leading testing institutes
  • Complies with German Drinking Water Ordinance standards
  • Internationally patented surface manufacturing process
  • Materials: synthetic material, stainless steel, silver
  • Length: 2.5 cm

Please note: The Stick 1 is suitable for tanks, containers and vessels up to 0.7 l and keeps 250 l of water clean for up to a full 6 months.

Use biocides safely. Be sure to read the labelling and product information first.
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