Designer Stand Fan TVE 24 S

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Designer Stand Fan TVE 24 S

The 3-in-1-Fan: Enjoy stylish cooling in three sizes - from the floor standing device to the table fan
Comfort with 8 wind speeds, remote control and timer

Do you value a clear design language, pleasant comfort and high functionality? Then the TVE 24 S 3-in-1 standing fan is the right choice for you - because it impresses directly in all purposes.

The high-quality design fan offers 8 speed levels, remote control, timer programming and triple height adjustment from the floor unit to the desk fan. With 48 watts of power and a wing diameter of 40 cm, it provides for refreshing air movement on hot days to feel good.

Making a statement through good taste

The cooling performance and functionality are of course in the foreground with a fan. But also the design is an important aspect, after all, this is a piece of furniture that accompanies you throughout the summer.

The visually integrated fan bar gives the design stand fan TVE 24 S its high-quality, modern look. Whether in the office, in the apartment, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the yoga room or in the conservatory - stylish, the slim fresh dispenser fits perfectly into your individual room ambience. The black LED display sets a fine design accent.

Place the TVE 24 S space-saving in a corner of the room or prominently in the middle - the elegant pedestal fan cuts a fine figure in any case! And with its solid round base, the fan remains stable even when things get a bit more turbulent in the office or at home.

Reduce to the max: Stand and table fan in one device

The height of the device can be adjusted in three stages to 1.3 meters, 1 meter or just 70 cm via the practical bar system. Up to two center bars can be removed in no time at all to turn the stand even into a table fan. In the highest setting (1.3 meters), the fan is particularly well suited to distribute fresh air over a large area in the room. With the middle setting (1 meter), the air flow can be optimally aligned for sedentary people. And in the smallest setting (70 cm), the variable TVE 24 S presents itself as a stylish table fan on your desk or dining table.

Refreshment tip: If you prefer to treat your legs and feet to a pleasant cooling, simply place the compact TVE 24 S on the floor to direct the flow of air under your office or living room table.

8 wind strengths - for individual cooling

While in the spring and late summer, even a slight breeze provides soothing refreshment, one needs the full wind force on really hot summer days. So that you can always set exactly the right ventilation level for your personal well-being, the TVE 24 S has 8 finely dosed speeds. With the integrated 80 degree oscillation, the airflow can be evenly distributed throughout the room if desired. The fan head swivels automatically from left to right and ensures a fresh breeze at regular intervals. In addition, the fan head can be tilted manually by a total of up to 30 degrees. Simply direct the airflow up or down at the angle appropriate for you. Even when operating at the highest level, the TVE 24 S is pleasantly quiet with only 60 dB (A).

Easy to control by remote control

The functions on / off, 8 speed levels and 80 ° oscillation can be controlled both via the control panel on the fan head and conveniently via remote control. The timer function can only be set with the remote control. So you can regulate the fan directly from the office chair, from the sofa or from the bed to your liking.

Practical timer function

Simply plan the activation or deactivation of the TVE 24 S individually. The desired operating time can be set from 1 to 8 hours in 1-hour increments. This is z. B. in the bedroom very pleasant, if you want to fall asleep to enjoy a cooling breeze, but the fan should not run all night long. And in the morning in the office, the stale air is already circulated when you start up before you start your work.

Comprehensive LED Display

The LED display integrated in the center bar shows you which ventilation level is currently set. When the timer is activated, you can also see in how many hours the device turns on or off. To save energy, the display is only activated when a button on the manual control panel or the remote control is pressed.

From the light breeze to the strong wind - the stylish and variable TVE 24 S offers you individual flexibility for maximum refreshment comfort.

Benefits in practice:

  • 48 Watt capacity
  • Low operational costs
  • 8 fan speed
  • Automatic 80° oscillation with switch-off function
  • Adjustable inclination of the fan head up to 30°
  • 3 times height adjustable to 70 cm, 100 cm, 130 cm
  • Front and back protected metal grill
  • 40 cm fan blade diameter
  • Timer function
  • LED display
  • IR remote control
  • Stable and wide foot with high standing performance
  • Low noise: max. 60 dB(A)

Technical data
General information
 Article number1.510.005.044
 Number of fan blades5
 blade diameter ["]16
 blade diameter [cm]40
Electrical values
 Mains connection220 - 240 V/50 Hz
 Power input [W]48
 Connection plugCEE 7/16
 Cable length [m]1.8
 Length (packaging excluded) [mm]450
 Width (packaging excluded) [mm]450
 Height (packaging excluded) [mm]1,300
 (packaging excluded) [kg]6
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features
 Infrared remote
 Internal oscillation (°)80 °
 Adjustable inclination angle
 Height adjustability1300/1000/700
 Carry/transport handle(s)
Timer function
 Switch-on time preselectable
 Switch-off time preselectable

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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