BZ15C Thermohygrometer

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BZ15C Thermohygrometer

Illustrates the climate values optimally in your classic car garage
The thermohygrometer BZ15C is recommended for any vintage car owner who wants to protect his classic car in the garage from the effects of too humid or too dry air. Because if the humidity is too high, there is a risk a massive corrosion of the steel sheet of every classic car - if it is too low, leather and plastics are brittle and porous.

Thanks to its special scale design with a climate-related color indication, the mechanical hygrometer allows precise orientation over the humidity and room temperature in the garage. At first glance it can be seen whether the humidity is actually in the 'green area'. Because with a quick and clear readability of the air humidity, the most important precaution against a loss in value of the classic car has already been made.

The measuring accuracy of the BZ15C is ± 3% relative humidity in the range 20 to 100% r.F. The thermohygrometer is equipped with a high-quality measuring mechanism 'Made in Germany', which guarantees high measuring accuracy without maintenance. By means of this mechanism, the change in length of a specially pretreated synthetic fiber is measured, which expands in the case of moisture and contracts in the event of dryness. The change in length is converted into a rotary movement with lever and axes and made visible by means of the pointer.

The display of the device can be easily corrected and calibrated by a zero point correction. Of course, the BZ15C can also be installed in the living area - here, too, it makes a valuable contribution to monitoring the indoor climate in private collections of all kinds.

That's how easy it is to read the color scale of the BZ15C:

  • If the humidity is only up to 35% r.F., the garage air is usually too dry for leather and plastics. Brittle leather, porous seals and cable breaks can be the result - in this case the pointer moves accordingly in the red area.

  • In order to avoid destructive workcaused by rust and corrosion and to prevent mold behind the fittings and in the seats, the humidity should not exceed 45 to 50% r.F. amount - the green area.

  • Already from approx. 55% r.F. metal begins to corrode and moisture esters no longer dry properly. From 70% humidity, mold fungi find ideal breeding ground after just a few hours - which is why these dangerous areas are also marked red on the color scale of the BZ15C.

How to respond correctly when the pointer shows 'red '....

... or if it moves in the critical area. Then you should urgently counteract by increased heating and / or airing until the two hands of the BZ15C move again in the optimal, green area. The easiest way to manage the ideal climate for your classic car garage, of course, if you rely on the professional dehumidifier, such as the renowned devices of the DH-VPR + series with intelligent ThinC! -Klimatechnologie. trust from Trotec.

Benefits for the practice:

  • High quality measuring mechanism Made in Germany
  • Special scale design with climate-related color indication
  • Easy to read and interpret
  • Includes calibration option

Technical specifications:

  • Measuring range air temperature: 0 ° C to +40 ° C
  • Air temperature resolution: 2 ° C
  • Accuracy air temperature: ± 2 ° C
  • Relative Humidity Range: 0% r.F. up to 100% r.F.
  • Relative Humidity Resolution: 1% r.F.
  • Accuracy relative humidity: max. ± 3% r.F.
  • Ambient conditions Operation: -10 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • Operation approx. - max. rel. Moisture (non-condensing): 100% r.F.
  • Ambient conditions Bearings: -10 ° C to +50 ° C
  • Storage - max. rel. Moisture (non-condensing): 100% r.F.
  • Functions: Measurement of relative humidity and air temperature
  • Dimensions: 103 mm
  • Weight: 155 g
  • Technical data
    General information
      Article number 3.510.205.011
    Air temperature [°C]
      Min. measuring range [°C] 0
      Max. measuring range [°C] 40
      Resolution [°C] 2
      Accuracy ± [°C] 2
      Accuracy [°C] 2
    Relative humidity (%)
      Min. measuring range [%] 0
      Max. measuring range [%] 100
      Resolution [%] 1
      Accuracy ± [% r.F.] 3
      Accuracy 20 % - 100 % [%] 3
    Housing design
      Stainless steel
    Surrounding conditions
      Operation - min. temperature [°C] -10
      Operation - max. temperature [°C] 50
      Operation approx. - max. relative humidity (non-condensing) [%] 100
      Storage - min. temperature [°C] -10
      Storage - max. temperature [°C] 50
      Storage - max. relative humidity (non-condensing) [%] 100
    Standard scope of delivery
    Standard scope of delivery
      Operating manual
    Ascertainable measured values and functions
    Functions and features
      Measurement of air temperature and relative humidity

     standard equipment

     optionally available

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