Belt sandpaper 10 piece set

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Belt sandpaper 10 piece set

The professional pack with 6 different grain sizes for all wood sanding jobs
Prefectly worked wood

Whether modernisation, renovation, refurbishment or the famous "finishing touch" - the low-wear and high-performance belt sanding papers from Trotec are always the very first choice when planks, planks, beams or wooden furniture are to be processed. This makes it easy to smooth rough surfaces, sand glue residues, remove paint surfaces or round edges clean. From stain removal to large-scale material removal, the sanding papers are ideally suited - also for. B. on slightly curved surfaces. With Trotec's 10-piece ribbon sanding paper set, you can count on high quality and long-lasting quality, which offers professional craftsmen as well as ambitious DIY enthusiasts optimum support in their projects.

From fine to coarse - the all-round set for all occasions

The grits of the belt sanding paper set are made of high quality corundum. With its different grain grades of 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 to 150, the sandpaper bands are perfect for any type of wood surface treatment. In this way, you can quickly and reliably carry out a wide variety of tasks, such as cleaning or smoothing, lacquer, paint and glue removal or flush sanding of corners, edges and folds.

Compatible, versatile, long service life

The 457 x 75 mm belt sanding papers fit perfectly on commercially available belt sanding machines with the appropriate mount. Trotec's PBSS 10-600 belt sander is the perfect addition to this 10-piece set. No matter whether it is about large-scale sanding or the scoring-free sanding of high-quality objects - with the belt sanding paper set you always have the right sandpaper with coarse, medium and fine grits at hand. And thanks to its resin-bonded, fabric-reinforced tapes, you can benefit from low wear and high erosion performance even at high loads..

Which grain for which application?

The Trotec belt sanding paper set contains 6 different grain sizes:

Coarse grain (1 x 40 und 2 x 60)With the two coarsest grits 40 and 60 from the sanding belt set, you can start machining rough surfaces on boards, planks or old furniture. The coarse-grained sandpaper will remove a lot of material in a short time - so you can quickly and effectively progress and z. B. especially good scratches, joints or bumps eliminate. The abraded surface is still relatively rough.

Medium grain (1 x 80 und 2 x 100)After rough grinding, you can use the abrasive belts of grain size 80 and 100 to further refine your work results. Even paint and glue residue can be removed so excellent. An already very smooth wood surface, however, can be slightly roughened with sanding belts of average grain size for later painting something.

Fine grain (2 x 120 und 2 x 150)For perfect finishing, the two densest sandpaper grits 120 and 150 from the set are recommended. With this you sand down the wooden surface so finely that you feel a silky, smooth surface with your hand. The fine sanding is also the best preparation to treat the wood with oil or wax on.

Here are the practical advantages at a glance:

  • 10-piece professional set for a variety of wood sanding jobs
  • 6 grits from coarse to fine: 1 x 40, 2 x 60, 1 x 80, 2 x 100, 2 x 120, 2 x 150
  • Format: 457 x 75 mm - for all common belt grinders with matching mounting
  • High load capacity thanks to high quality tape
  • Resin bonded corundum grains for long service life
  • Suitable for B. for grinding, smoothing, cleaning, edge rounding and paint removal

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