Cordless Hand Circular Saw PCSS 10-20V

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Cordless hand circular saw PCSS 10-20V

Sleek, powerful, accurate - the cost-effective solution for demanding cutting tasks
Please note that this device is supplied with a 2 Pin plug and without a suitable adapter.

The PCSS 10-20V is the suitable pendulum hood model for DIY use- It is a modern cordless portable circular saw par excellence. Whether solid wood, chipboard, plastic, lightweight materials or aluminum profiles - the 20 V lithium-ion battery without memory effect and no self-discharge and a cutting depth of up to 48 mm enable rapid work progress and precise cutting results in simple sawing applications.

Handy and mobile - for best results

The PCSS 10-20V Cordless Circular Saw can be quickly and easily configured for a wide variety of requirements. Cutting depth and angle can be infinitely pre-selected without additional tools, for cuts up to 48 mm depth and angles up to 45 degrees.

Thanks to the 20 V lithium-ion battery (2.0 Ah) without memory effect and without self-discharge, the cordless portable circular saw is extremely powerful and can be used extremely flexibly. The big advantage of this battery is the short charging time of just one hour. This is possible thanks to the quick charger with an automatic charge switch-off. Particularly important in practice is the three-stage battery capacity indicator, which is integrated in the battery. Another advantage is that the Flexpower multi-battery can be flexibly combined with other cordless tools.

With an ideal center of gravity, the compact PCSS 10-20V has been ergonomically optimized for continuous use, and its main grip has softgrip inserts. Therefore, the cordless portable circular saw is pleasant to handle even in long operations in the hand and can be safely and precisely lead over the additional front handle with two hands. The low weight of the device is particularly helpful - so it is perfect for home use!

Notches in the base plate for 0- and 45-degree positions show you the exact cutting line and facilitate exact sawing at the crack by mapping the saw cut width.

If required, the integrated laser guide light can also be switched on for exact cutting line display. The laser projects a red line onto the workpiece to precisely indicate the cutting direction, facilitating hands-free guidance of the saw along a straight line. Deviations from the cutting line can be detected and corrected immediately. And for a perfect longitudinal cut, simply use the included rip fence.

PCSS 10-20V. Easy. Safe. Saws.

A practical detail for clean working indoors is the integrated connection option for external dust extraction by means of a suitable vacuum cleaner. An adapter is already included in the scope of delivery. For smaller jobs, it is also possible to connect an existing dust bag to the PCSS 10-1200.

A safety switch prevents unwanted commissioning of the device, the on / off switch with Quickstop lets you react to any situation at lightning speed, and the pendulum hood with pull-back handle offers additional user protection.

Thanks to the integrated spindle lock, the saw blade change is also easy and safe. The required hexagon key is just like a saw blade already included in the scope of delivery. The design with 18 teeth is ideal for longitudinal cuts. As the carbide blade is supplied, they can be used universally for wood as well as plastic.

Benefits for the practice:

  • 20 V lithium-ion battery without memory effect and without self-discharge
  • Flexpower multi-battery 20 V 2.0 Ah - flexibly combinable with other cordless tools
  • Fast charger with automatic charge shutdown: only 1 hour charge time
  • Three-level battery capacity indicator integrated in the battery
  • Plastic pendulum hood
  • Tool-free adjustment of cutting depth and inclination angle
  • Allows accurate cuts up to 48mm depth
  • Angle quick release for miter cuts up to 45 °
  • Safety switch against unintentional switching on
  • On / off switch with quick stop
  • Easy saw blade change thanks to integrated spindle lock
  • Ergonomic handle bar plus additional front handle for optimal handling
  • Rubberized softgrip inserts in the case give extra good grip
  • Attachable laser guide light for cutting line display
  • Connection for external dust extraction
  • Suitable for standard circular saw blades with max. diameter of 150 mm

Technical specifications:

  • Idling speed: 3,800 rpm
  • Battery rated voltage: 20V
  • Battery capacity 2.0 Ah
  • Battery charger

Technical data
General information
  Article number 4.430.000.110
Technical data
  Idle speed 3.800 min-1
  Max. idle speed [min-1] 3,800
  Cutting depth range at 45 ° Max. 36 mm
  Cutting depth range at 0 ° Max. 48 mm
Sound values according to EN 62841
  Sound pressure level LpA [dB(A)] 89
  Sound power level LwA [dB(A)] 100
  Uncertainty (K) LPA / LWA [dB] 3
Vibration information according to EN 62841
  Vibration emission value (ah) Hauptgriff (Sägen in Holz) [m/s²] 1.879
  Vibration Value K Hauptgriff (Sägen in Holz) [m/s²] 1.5
  Vibration emission value (ah) Frontgriff (Sägen in Holz) [m/s²] 2.213
  Vibration Value K Frontgriff (Sägen in Holz) [m/s²] 1.5
Saw blade data
  Idle speed saw blade [min-1] 9,000
  Saw blade diameter [mm] 150
  Bore diameter [mm] 16
  Blade thickness [mm] 0.9
  Teeth thickness [mm] 1.6
Capacity indication
  Rated voltage [V] 20
  Battery capacity [Ah] 2
  Capacity indication 3-stage
  Battery type Li-ion
  Akku - Ladezeit [h] 1
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 190
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 352
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 238
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 2.6
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features
  On/off switch with quick stop function
  Infinitely variable speed control
  Soft start
  Intelligent Power Control
  Spindle lock lock
  Steplessly adjustable cutting depth and cutting angle
  Aluminium guard with retracting lever / adjustment lever
  Guard with retracting lever
  Hexagonal wrench can be stored inside the housing
  Parallel guide
  Safety switch

 standard equipment

 optionally available

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